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TCI offers counselling on issues in mind related to self, family, relationships, marriage, children and teenagers, alcohol or drug addictions through face-to-face, by phone and through video conferencing.


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Funny ritual called ‘Marriage’ in Indian families

Marriage is considered as a task, without any awareness of the objective. Parents just know that it is their responsibility to get their ward married at a specific age, without knowing their responsibility to prepare themselves and their sons and daughters towards the meaning and purpose of marriage. After all how can poor parents do […]

10 Important Tips For Avoiding Basic Misunderstandings To Save The Ruining of Your Family

Families ruin because of misunderstandings. Maybe the problem starts with a small issue, but with neglect, the problem escalates into major issues. Simple misunderstandings can lead to trust issues that can create a rift between parents. Children also continue to suffer because of this. Maintaining a family is about observing certain crucial rules. You need […]

Are You Engaged In Destructive Depression — 5 Signs To Detect Your Depression Level

The above title challenges the very notion of depression itself. When it says, ‘destructive depression’, then it logically creates the premises of ‘constructive depression’. This is how experienced psychologists can help you. They can help you challenge the very feeling of depression in your head by questioning its logical base. Everything in mind has a […]