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The Counselling is a well-known name in counseling services in India. We offer a wide variety of counselling courses to individuals and help them make better decisions towards a positive change in life. Our counselors, armed with experience and skill, use a variety of techniques and approaches to help clients put forth their concerns to us and then help them offer best-possible solutions on the same.

We understand that there can be a variety of reasons for someone to enter counselling. Our step-by-step counselling approaches help clients get the guidance they are seeking and learn skills to cope with the problems or issues that brought them to us.

Every client who enters into a counselling relationship with us is treated with utmost care and strive to make counselling comfortable for our clients. Keeping in mind what client expects to achieve and what are client's ideas about what achieving the goal will mean in everyday life, we provide counselling solutions. Our experts have know-how of numerous counselling approaches, and use one that fits the best for a client. Sometimes, each approach is accompanied by clinical techniques.

The counsellor-client relationship is always given a priority. Preconceptions, value judgements, likes and dislikes of a client are taken into account to accurately identify their needs and assist them on their problem. We make sure to understand the client correctly with active listening and taking note of facial expressions and body language.

We provide counselling on several subjects, which include marriage, family problems, teenage issues, child psychology, drug and alcohol addiction, relationship concerns, depression and more.   Read more...

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